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Payment Pending - approving pending orders

Orders Pending Payment: If you have set your account up to require a payment approval before an order is made, you can find orders that are pending your approval by logging into Gelato Globe.  You find "Payment Pending" by going to "Orders" in the left side navigation menu. You will also receive a notification that you have a pending payment by text or e-mail. Note that in order to be able to see the "Payment Pending" tab you need the permission "Approve & Pay". Select "Payment pending" from the drop down for "All statuses". 



Find the order(s) you want to approve open the order details and click "Pay for order" and go through with the checkout. The shipping address is set by the user who sent the payment request, so you just need to chose payment method and billing entity to place the order.
In case you need to change quantity or edit a template, you will be able to make changes on the order review page. 


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